Hosking Appraisal Group, Inc., owned by Michael L. Hosking, is a VA and FHA approved Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser with nearly 30 years of experience and over 11,000 property appraisals throughout southern California. Prior to incorporation of Hosking Appraisal Group, Michael tenured 10 years as the sole proprietor and senior appraiser at Michael Hosking Appraisal.

Considered one of southern Riverside County’s top residential real estate appraisers, Michael’s comprehensive experience encompasses a broad scope of real property valuations for all major lenders and servicers. Valuations include VA and FHA urban and suburban residential appraisals including REO properties, short sale properties, manufactured residences/mobile homes, high-value and luxury properties, condominiums, new construction, pre-foreclosures, and reverse-mortgage properties. As a senior appraiser, Michael completes rigorous continuing education courses annually, and is compliant with all professional, ethical, and performance regulations.

Each member of Hosking Appraisal Group, Inc. is dedicated to the production and expeditious delivery of thorough, precisely valued property appraisals which consistently comply with FDIC and USPAP regulations and standards.


We know that an accurate and equitable valuation is paramount to every home lender, agent, seller, and buyer. Each residential property valuation is a unique and independent puzzle, and requires a visual, numbers-driven approach — which absolutely requires a human in the driver’s seat. Hosking Appraisal Group, Inc. proudly brings nearly three decades of industry knowledge, hands-on experience, and sweat equity to each appraisal project. 

That’s why, with over 11,000 residential valuations throughout southern California, Hosking Appraisal Group, Inc. is considered one of the region’s top and most ethical appraisal companies.SaveSave


We combine multiple layers of data that provide objective valuation support to reduce liability on the part of all interested parties.


We’re all about helping others achieve the American dream, and do everything in our power to pave the way for fair home prices that ensure equitable benefits for home sellers and home buyers. This includes ongoing courses and certification through National Appraisal Conference Providers including Valuation Expo and Appraisal Summit, to ensure regulatory compliance, awareness of the latest real estate trends and forecasts, and 100% integrity and authenticity throughout all aspects of the home valuation process. 

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